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Bali Ha'i

Artist: Empress Orchestra

Album: Blackpool My Blackpool 1

Song Length: 2:17

George's Thoughts: Everyone who competes and aspires to success in DanceSport dreams of dancing at Blackpool. As a result, many competitors practice dancing to the unique Blackpool music of the Empress Orchestra. While Blackpool music is far from the leading edge musically, these classic tunes certainly do reflect the character of the Blackpool competitive environment. Classy, reserved and very British, these songs have a certain charm even in the Latin arena. For the Cha Cha Cha, I feel that Bali Ha'i best carries the storyline of the challenge between men and women. This might have something to do with my familiarity with the tune itself as part of the musical "South Pacific," but nevertheless it works for me. If you're going to practice to Blackpool-style orchestral music, this is an excellent choice.

Song Lyrics:

This version of the song Bali Hai' is an instrumental piece so there are no lyrics.